The Beautification Committee’s primary goal is to make Richland Park and Richland Oaks one of the most desirable communities in the area.  We strive to improve the landscaping and entrances, while encouraging residents to make their yards and our neighborhood attractive, clean and enjoyable for the entire city, and especially the residents of Richland Oaks and Richland Park neighborhoods.
Each year we elect a chairperson/board member in charge of Beautification who is responsible for the following agenda:

  • Organize volunteers for various projects.
  • Communicate with various city officials regarding HOA needs.  Advise officials of needed repairs to city property or equipment.
  • Install plantings in the flowerbeds at neighborhood entrances.  Ensure that the beds are well-maintained, using  volunteers when possible or hiring a landscaper if necessary.
  • Attend monthly board meetings and provide status report.
  • Prepare annual budget.
  • Write quarterly articles for the newsletter.
  • Work with board members and homeowners on future beautification projects.
  • Organize selection of block winners of Triple B  Awards:  Best Block Beautification.  Awards are given June 1 for Spring, August 1 for Summer, and October 1 for Fall.  Winning block will receive $200 to use for a block party or for another use of its choosing.
  • Select recipients of Christmas Awards in December.  Our neighborhood does such a wonderful job of decorating for Christmas!  We honor the best decorated yards with Christmas Award signs.  Only paid members are eligible to receive Christmas Awards.