Yard Awards

We want to thank all the homeowners for doing such a wonderful job of making our community look beautiful. Everyone’s part in keeping up their home helps to improve our property values and quality of life. Although our community is becoming older and their are many new homes being built in the area, this neighborhood continues to be one of the most sought after areas in which to live.

For many years, we have recognized beautiful yards with awards for Yard of the Month.  In 2015, we’re changing our focus to Best Block Beautification Award, given three times during the year.  Please see more details by going to “Programs” then clicking on “Beautification.” 


  • Maintenance

  • Design and Shape of Beds

  • Shrubbery form

  • Color

  • Architectural elements to enhance design, including form, lawn clarity, uniformity and sohistication.

Snow Photos

See our community in a blanket of white.