Block Captain Responsibilities

Block Captains help keep folks in the neighborhood “in the loop.”  They take care of the block where they live and/or a different block for which they have volunteered.  Block Quadrant Majors organize Block Captains in each of the five quadrants in RHA:  the River Oaks Quadrant plus Richland Park’s northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast quadrants.

Block Captains are the backbone of our neighborhood!  They keep us together by:

    • Ensuring that everyone on their block has the opportunity be in the directory and join RHA
    • Welcoming new residents
    • Informing Block Quadrant Majors of families moving into and out of the neighborhood
    • Occasionally delivering flyers to their assigned block
    • Delivering RHA directories to RHA members on their assigned block

The Richland Park Homeowners Association Board is grateful for our Block Captains.  It is the dedicated efforts of the Block Captains that help us collect much of the information that is necessary for publishing our semi-annual directory.  Our block captains keep our neighborhood neighborly and connected!

We are always looking Block Captain Volunteers.  You would be called on a couple of times a year to help with various activities, such as selling tickets for the Fall Festival or handing out flyers for various activities.  If you are interested in becoming a Block Captain, please call Jeana DIckerson at 214-929-1569.  To send an email to her, click Here.