Cars Belong in the Garage

The garage provides protection from theft, and from Mother Nature.

As we drive in the neighborhood, we can’t help but ask, “Why are there so many cars parked out on the street?” Not only are these cars an eyesore to the neighborhood, but they are also in the way of traffic flow. Can you imagine if we had to get a large fire truck or ambulance quickly through our neighborhood?

Not to mention these same cars tend to attract criminals into our neighborhood. The only safe place for cars is the garage. Whether you park your car in the front or in the back alley, it may eventually get broken into. Cars parked inside a fully closed garage almost never have problems with crime.

So we encourage you to clean out the few hundred dollars of stuff polluting your garage, and start parking your multi-thousand dollar cars in your garage!

If for some reason you must keep your cars parked out of the garage, please take everything out each and every night! This includes the obvious items like cash, laptops, loose change, purses, wallets, jewelry, briefcases, games, toys and the not so obvious items like empty bags (the criminal doesn’t know its empty until he breaks in), garage door openers (the key to your house), and your insurance and registration papers. You may also consider investing in a good car alarm.