About Using 911 Phone Service

One of the most important tools we can use to help protect Richland Park/Oaks is the 911 phone service.   911 is often misunderstood, and certainly underused by most people. Some of us remember being taught never to dial 911 unless its an emergency (i.e. fire, heart attack) but this is not the case.  911 is our quick link to the city.  We can use 911 to report suspicious behavior, people speeding through the neighborhood, kids vandalizing our beautiful park, car thefts, burglaries or many other important events that affect our quality of life.  The 911 operators will assess situations and assign priority levels to all calls, so no resources will be wasted.

Cell phones pose a particularly interesting problem for 911 operators. If you find yourself calling 911 from a cell phone, be sure to request the Richardson Police Department, and always let the operator know where you are.

For those of you still hesitant about calling 911, We encourage you to call the Richardson Police non emergency phone number (972) 744-4800. This non-emergency phone service is just as responsive as dialing 911.

Regardless of which service you choose, you must report incidents as quickly as possible. The Richardson Police Department want to help us fight crime, and need information in real-time to catch the criminals, so please don't delay your calls.