Use Your Home Alarm Systems

If your house has an alarm system, by all means use it. These are very useful devices that help prevent home burglaries. They can also help warn you in the event of fire or smoke. You can even sign up for alarm monitoring services, whereby a company will watch your alarm system (over the phone lines) for you. In the event the alarm goes off, the monitoring service can call the police for you.

If your home doesn't have an alarm system, we strongly recommend getting one installed. Depending on your home insurance company, you may also qualify for significant reductions in annual insurance costs.

If you already have an alarm system, make sure there is sufficient protection for the back of your home (glass breakage on all windows, door sensors, motion), as this is where most criminal activity starts.

 For more information and for a free evaluation of your home security please contact the Richardson Police Department Crime Prevention Unit at (972) 744-7955