Crime Watch

From the Crime Watch Coordinator:

Howdy neighbors! My name is Bob McClure, Jr. My wife Angie and I moved into Richland Park in 1983 and have loved every day of it. This is one of the best communities in the city. I have lived in Richardson since 1958 when my dad changed the location of his office to Central and Belt Line. Back then Belt Line was only a two lane black top road. I have seen many changes through out the city. I even used to hunt Quail right here in Richland Park and Oaks back in the early 60s when it was a farm. All of our Children went to school here at Richland Park, and then to Berkner High School. They have all left home now but still live close by.


I have been with Crime Watch for over 10 years now but took over the coordinators position after John Estridge moved away two years ago. Since that time I have added 14 new people to our patrol and several others wanting to join. We now have 63 on our patrol roster that run patrols day and night and late nights, (after midnight to 6:00am ). I can only train so many at a time so if you have applied I will get to you soon. You must also take a 6 hour course put on by the Richardson Police Dept. and I will let you know when those are. Our patrols have been involved for 15 years now. It does make a difference. If you would like to join just give me a call or email and I will see that you get an application. You must be a member of the Homeowners Assn. And go through a back ground check conducted by the Richardson Police Dept. and complete the 6 hour course. So get involved join RHA and Crime Watch Patrols and learn what’s going on, and help us make this a safer place to live and enjoy for everyone.


Remember to CLOSE and LOCK ALL DOORS AND WINDOWS, GATES, and take all valuables from our cars, secure purse and keys, and share a smile with a neighbor. Also be sure and thank the Patrol member that calls to remind you that your garage door is open, we are here for you.


Your Neighbor

Bob McClure

Crime Watch Coordinator