Crime Watch Volunteers Needed

We need more volunteers for the Crime Watch Patrols. The Richland Park/Oaks Crime Watch needs more people to help patrol our neighborhood. We have fairly good coverage during the daytime, but are in need of help for nighttime. Unfortunately, late night is when we experience most of our problems. Therefore, we need more volunteers at night, every day of the week. We can't do this alone, and many hands make light work. Besides, this is a great way to get out, meet new people, learn new things and experience something different in life.

In order to join the Crime Watch Patrol, you will need to fill out an application form which we submit to the Richardson Police Department.  The police will run a criminal background check on each applicant. Once all the paperwork has been cleared, the applicant will receive about six hours of training. All new applicants will also be assigned a patrol partner.

Crime Watch Patrols are extremely effective because criminals do not want to get caught by anyone, police or otherwise. So when you put those reflective signs on your cars and patrol the neighborhood, the bad guys tend to go some place else. The problem is we need to maintain these patrols at all hours in order to keep crime away.

Each shift usually consists of one and half hours of patrol time every other week (total of 3 hours per month.) The two shifts where we need the most help are evenings (7pm to midnight) and deep nights (midnight to 6:00am).